25 March 2004 • Joshua Clover & Karen Mac Cormack

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Joshua Clover

Reading from "The Totality for Kids" (tentative title)

1m00 At the Atelier Teleology
2m35 "And then at the last second..."
3m15 Letters and Sodas
4m33 remarks on Ceriserie
5m28 Ceriserie
9m40 Neu Poem
10m01 "And then at the last second..."
10m32 The Other Atelier
11m35 remarks on Chreia
13m55 Chreia
15m45 No More Boffins
18m30 What's American about American Poetry
20m40 "And then at the last second..."
21m20 remarks on Frank O'Hara
21m43 Poem (We Always Send It…)
23m20 White Reed Walk
24m00 remarks on Their Ambiguity
25m12 Their Ambiguity
29m38 White Reed Walk

Karen Mac Cormack

31m40 remarks on At Issue
32m25 "A word in an ear…"
33m00 Paper Sections
36m20 At Issue 9: Diminish
38m40 Minked Occasionals
40m00 remarks on Vanity Release
40m46 Beyond
41m40 Match
42m30 Self / 24 Hours
43m40 Arris
46m19 Blink
48m04 remarks on Implexures
48m50 Epigraph by Bryher
49m13 from Implexures 1
54m05 from Implexures 2
56m31 from Implexures 3
59m01 from Implexures 13

titles & time values are approximate

The New Writing Series is organized by Steve Evans and sponsored by the UMaine English Department and the National Poetry Foundation with support from the Lloyd H. Elliott Fund and grants from the Cultural Affairs Committee. For a full list of Series events since 1999, click here.