DAYBOOKS Reading, listening to, and looking at contemporary poetry

daybook 43 (2005)

27 October | Heard Anne Waldman read from Marriage: A Sentence, In the Room of Never Grieve, and Structure of the World Compared to a Bubble in the UMaine New Writing Series.

daybook 42 (2005)

18 October | Heard Harryette Mullen read from Sleeping with the Dictionary in the UMaine New Writing Series.

daybook 39 (2005)

29 September | Heard Joan Retallack read from Memnoir and other writings in the UMaine New Writing Series.

daybook 28 (2005)

10 July | Browsed in the ninth issue of Cahier critique de poésie.

9 July | Read The Commandrine and Other Poems by Joyelle McSweeney.

daybook 26 (2005)

26 June | Read Folding Ruler Star by Aaron Kunin.

25 June | Read Tràma by Kim Rosenfield.

daybook 25 (2005)

24 June | Read The Real Subject by Keith Waldrop.

23 June | Read Drafts 39-42 by Rachel Blau DuPlessis.

22 June | Read Startle Response by Heather Fuller.

21 June | Read Fickle Sonnets by Geoffrey Young.

20 June | Read Small Weathers by Merrill Gilfillan.

19 June | Read Open Clothes by Steve Benson.

18 June | Read The Dark Days of May by Tom Pickard. Also The Blue Book by Anna Moschovakis.

daybook 24 (2005)

15 - 16 June | Read Bird & Forest by Brent Cunningham.

13 June | Read In Contact by Jesse Seldess.

daybook 22 (2005)

29 May | Read Little Dividing Doors in the Mind by Karla Kelsey.

28 May | Read Selected Writings by Cedar Sigo.

daybook 20 (2005)

20 May | Read Recollections of Being by Nathaniel Tarn.

19 May | Read To Leveling Swerve by Rodrigo Toscano.

18 May | Read Snows Gone By: New & Uncollected Poems, 1964-2002 by James Koller.

17 May | Read Shut Up Shut Down by Mark Nowak.

15 May | Read The Thorn by David Larsen.

14 May | Read To Be Sung by Michael Kelleher. Also the chapbook Near Minglewood by William Fuller.

daybook 19 (2005)

13 May | Read Company of Moths by Michael Palmer.

11 May | Read Indigo Bunting by Bernadette Mayer.

10 May | Read Pasolini Poems by Stacy Szymaszek.

9 May | Read My first painting will be "The Accuser" by Philip Jenks.

7 May | Read Something Else the Music Was by Eric Baus.

daybook 18 (2005)

Early May | Read and reread Rousseau's Boat by Lisa Robertson.

daybook 15 (2005)

22 April | Heard Ammiel Alcalay read selections of from the warring factions and Walter Lew read from Treadwinds in the final event of the spring 2005 UMaine New Writing Series.

14 April | Heard Michael Palmer read from Company of Moths and earlier works.

10 April | Read The Lichtenberg Figures by Ben Lerner.

9 April | Read Within the Margin by Truong Tran and Lake Systems by Cynthia Sailers.

daybook 14 (2005)

8 April | Read Dante's The New Life in Rossetti's translation, with a preface by Michael Palmer.

7 April | Read Danielle Collobert's Notebooks 1956-1978 in Norma Cole's translation for Litmus Press.

6 April | Read the third issue of Magazine Cypress, edited by Dana Ward in Cincinnati.

5 April | Heard Juliana Spahr read from This Connection of Everyone with Lungs and Mark McMorris read from a manuscript tentatively titled "Entrepot" in the UMaine New Writing Series.

3 April | Read The Blaze of the Poui by Mark McMorris.

2 April | Read This Connection of Everyone with Lungs by Juliana Spahr.

daybook 13 (2005)

30 March | Received news from Rod Smith of Robert Creeley's death in Odessa, Texas. A gathering of memorials and obituaries can be found on Bob's EPC homepage.

daybook 11 (2005)

17 March | Heard Lyn Hejinian read from two on-going sequences, "Lola" and "The Book of a Thousand Eyes," in the UMaine New Writing Series. Sound files of poems in the the latter series can be heard on the PennSound site, here.

daybook 5 (2005)

3 February | Heard Daniel Bouchard and Lee Ann Brown read in the UMaine New Writing Series. Bouchard read from Diminutive Revolutions and his new subpress collection Some Mountains Removed. Brown read and sang from Polyverse and The Sleep That Changed Everything as well as from a manuscript tentatively titled "The Wondrous Field."

daybook 3 (2005)

20 January | Heard Elizabeth Willis and Peter Gizzi read in the UMaine New Writing Series. Willis read from Turneresque and her new manuscript "Meteoric Flowers." Gizzi read from Some Values of Landscape and Weather.

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