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29 July 2011 | Read Hallucination by William Fuller.

27 July 2011 | Read Notes from Irrelevance by Anselm Berrigan.

Late July 2011 | Read in Other Flowers by James Schuyler.

20 July 2011 | Finished Culture of One by Alice Notley.

16 July 2011 | Finished This Time We Are Both by Clark Coolidge, begun a few days earlier.

14 July 2011 | Finished English Fragments: A Brief History of the Soul by Martin Corless-Smith, begun several weeks earlier.

10 July 2011 | Read in We Are Pharaoh by Robert Fernandez.

9 July 2011 | Finished The Cold War by Kathleen Ossip, begun some days earlier.

8 July 2011 | Read Determination by Kit Robinson.

6 July 2011 | Read in Dear Prudence: New & Selected Poems by David Trinidad.

5 July 2011 | Read the long, late poem "G-9," composed in the AIDS ward of Roosevelt Hospital in 1989, in A Fast Life by Tim Dlugos.

4 July 2011 | Read "The Human Machine," the third of four main sequences in You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake by Anna Moschovakis.

3 July 2011 | Read Self-Evident Poems by Guy Bennett.

2 July 2011 | Read in Click and Clone by Elaine Equi.

1 July 2011 | Read How Long by Ron Padgett.

23 June 2011 | Read the appendix to Against Professional Secrets, along with translator Joseph Mulligan's introduction. Finished Tracer by Richard Greenfield.

22 June 2011 | Read the first part, comprising fourteen poems, of Tracer by Richard Greenfield.

20 June 2011 | Began browsing in A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos, edited by David Trinidad.

18 June 2011 | Read "The Incinerator," the concluding sequence of Well Then There Now by Juliana Spahr.

13 June 2011 | Contributed a post on Gertrude Stein to SFMOMA's Open Space blog.

Early June 2011 | Read The Bigger World by Noelle Kocot.

Early June 2011 | Finished reading Les Coquelicots by Emmanuel Hocquard.

31 May 2011 | Finished reading Rimbaud's Illuminations in John Ashbery's new translation, begun on May 25.

25 May 2011 | Read Sleepwalking with Orpheus by Craig Watson.

22 May 2011 | Began reading Culture of One by Alice Notley.

21 May 2011 | Began reading Les Coquelicots by Emmanuel Hocquard.

20 May 2011 | Read Moving Day by Ish Klein.

19 May 2011 | Read Money Shot by Rae Armantrout.

18 May 2011 | Read Campeche by Joshua Edwards.

04 May 2011 | Heard Erica Carpenter, Gale Nelson, Ray Ragosta, Craig Watson, and Susan Howe read in the second afternoon set of "Keithstrasse: Celebrating Keith Waldrop." That evening, heard C.D. Wright, Jaimie Gordon, X.J. Kennedy, and Keith Waldrop in the festival's finale.

03 May 2011 | Heard Susan Gevirtz, Lisa Jarnot, Damon Krukowski, Jennifer Moxley and Cole Swensen read in the opening afternoon set of "Keithstrasse: Celebrating Keith Waldrop." In the evening, heard Marjorie Welish (recorded), Alison Bundy, Forrest Gander, Ben Lerner, and Elizabeth Willis.

8 January 2011 | Browsed in The Real Life of Shadows by Jean Frémon.

7 January 2011 | Read Repetition Island, a chapbook by Kevin Killian.

6 January 2011 | Browsed in Live from the Homesick Jamboree by Adrian Blevins.

5 January 2011 | Browsed in Iteration Nets by Karla Kelsey.

3 January 2011 | Browsed in Archicembalo by G.C. Waldrep.

2 January 2011 | Browsed in The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway by Jennifer L. Knox.

1 January 2011 | Read Effacement by Elizabeth Arnold.

29 December 2010 | Browsed in Dead Ahead by Ben Doller.

28 December 2010 | Read "Alice in the Wasteland," the long sequence at the center of Or To Begin Again by Ann Lauterbach.

17 December 2010 | Read Malilenas by Garrett Kalleberg.

15 December 2010 | Browsed in Flowers by Paul Killebrew.

14 December 2010 | Read Bluets by Maggie Nelson.

13 December 2010 | Browsed in Duties of an English Foreign Secretary by Macgregor Card.

11 December 2010 | Browsed in Beauport by Kate Colby.

10 December 2010 | Read Pleasure by Brian Teare.

8 December 2010 | Browsed in English Fragments: A Brief History of the Soul by Martin Corless-Smith.

7 December 2010 | Read To Graham Foust on the Morning of His Fortieth Birthday by Graham Foust.

6 December 2010 | Finished the long title sequence of Driven to Abstraction by Rosmarie Waldrop.

5 December 2010 | Browsed in Luminous Epinoia by Peter O'Leary.

4 December 2010 | Browsed in The Network by Jena Osman.

3 December 2010 | Read To Anacreon in Heaven by Graham Foust.

2 December 2010 | Finished "Sway-Backed Power Lines," the first of two main sequences in Driven to Abstraction by Rosmarie Waldrop. Browsed in This Isa Nice Neighborhood by Farid Matuk.

1 December 2010 | Began reading Driven to Abstraction by Rosmarie Waldrop. Browsed in More Radiant Signal by Juliana Leslie.

[...] | Long lapse in the record.

26 July 2010 | Lipstick of Noise: Off the Record: Remarks on Coteries, Infrastructure, and Gossip by Steve Evans

19 July 2010 | Lipstick of Noise: The Body Is in the Soul by Alice Notley

17 July 2010 | Finished "Nests of Reason," the third and final section of Reason and Other Women by Alice Notley.

14 July 2010 | Finished section two, "The City," of Reason and Other Women by Alice Notley.

12 July 2010 | Read around in Mark Ford's 2008 edition of Frank O'Hara's Selected Poems.

11 July 2010 | Finished section one, "The Expanding Basilica," of Reason and Other Women by Alice Notley.

10 July 2010 | Read "I Watch the 1977 Academy Awards" by Alice Notley, "Roll, Baby, Roll" by Sherman Alexie, and a number of other contributions to the dossier on the 1970s in Court Green 7.

9 July 2010 | Lipstick of Noise: "As a writer..." by Bobbie Louise Hawkins.

8 July 2010 | Read Sarah — Of Fragments and Lines by Julie Carr.

7 July 2010 | Read R's Boat by Lisa Robertson.

6 July 2010 | Read Conditions of Light by Emmanuel Hocquard, trans. Jean-Jacques Poucel. • Lipstick of Noise: The Sore Throat by Aaron Kunin.

5 July 2010 | Read The Sore Throat by Aaron Kunin.

3 July 2010 | Read Trance Archive by Andrew Joron.

1 July 2010 | Lipstick of Noise: Ode to Dick Fisk by David Trinidad.

30 June 2010 | Read Absolute Bob by Anne Portugal, trans. Jennifer Moxley.

26 June 2010 | Lipstick of Noise: from Think Tank by Julie Carr.

19 June 2010 | Heard Jennifer Scappettone, Jaime Manrique, Julie Carr, Stephen Graham Jones, and David Trinidad read at Naropa.

17 June 2010 | Heard Junior Burke, Charles Alexander, Jennifer Moxley, Laird Hunt, and Bhanu Khapil read at Naropa.

16 June 2010 | Participated in a panel at Naropa on "Personal Ethos: Coties, Infrastructure, and Gossip" with Anne Waldman, Joanne Kyger, David Trinidad, and Jennifer Scappetone.

15 June 2010 | Heard Thalia Field, Ross Gay, Joanne Kyger, Linh Dinh, and Bobbie Louise Hawkins read at Naropa.

13 June 2010 | Read 100 Notes on Violence by Julie Carr.

11-12 June 2010 | Participated in the Rethinking Poetics conference at Columbia.

10 May 2010 | Read Suspend by Nancy Kuhl.

9 May 2010 | Read From Fever Flowers by Stephen Rodefer.

8 May 2010 | Read Time Ravel by Rosmarie Waldop.

7 May 2010 | Read Matriot Acts by Anne Waldman.

5 May 2010 | Read La formule flirt by Anne Portugal.

21 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: from "See It Everywhere" by K. Lorraine Graham

20 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: from Hole in Space by Suzanne Stein

17 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Song by Catherine Wagner

16 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Bluets 52-59 by Maggie Nelson

15 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Junk Tropics by Tim Peterson

14 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Defining by Rachel Levitsky

13 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: from Human Resources by Rachel Zolf

10 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: from "The Godmother" by Andrea Actis

9 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Poetry by Damon Krukowski

8 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Cocaine by John Wieners read by Jeremy Prynne

7 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Hey Joe by Bill Berkson

6 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Our Common Cloud by Eric Baus

4 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: From a Secret Journal by Ted Berrigan

2 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: from Hyperglossia by Stacy Szymaszek

1 July 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Titties for Lindsey by Lindsey Bolt

30 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Dreams Are Not Documents of Compromise by Tina Darragh

27 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: "That sees process..." by Laura Elrick

26 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Best Regards by Kaia Sand

25 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Dormitory Life by Tom Raworth

24 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: da s by Jennifer Scappettone

23 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: "As Lenin helpfully noted..." by Michael Gottlieb

22 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Tennis Shoes by Philip Whalen

20 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: La Mémoire by Gil J. Wolman

19 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: I Love Music by Amiri Baraka

18 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: The French Girl by Ann Lauterbach.

17 June 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: To Begin With by Clark Coolidge.

Bloomsday 2009 | Lipstick of Noise: Betty Page We Love You Get Up by Stephanie Young.

2008 - 2009 | Facebook, Twitter and blog.

31 July 2008 | Finished reading Poetry State Forest by Bernadette Mayer.

30 July 2008 | Read Literature and Cinematography by Viktor Shklovsky.

24 July 2008 | Read Absolutely Eden by Bobbie Louise Hawkins. Began reading Poetry State Forest by Bernadette Mayer.

19 July 2008 | Heard Ron Padgett read from Joe Brainard's writings at the Colby College Museum of Art.

16 July 2008 | Heard Maxime Kumin, introduced by Galway Kinnell, read at St. Johnsbury Academy.

9 July 2008 | Heard Jennifer Moxley read at Bard College as part of the summer MFA program.

8 July 2008 | Heard Brenda Coultas and Ann Lauterbach read at Bard College.

14 June 2008 | Heard Bernadette Mayer, Clark Coolidge, Tom Raworth, and Rae Armantrout give keynote poetry readings at NPF Conference on the Poetry of the 1970s.

13 June 2008 | Heard Ann Lauterbach and Nicole Brossard give keynote poetry readings at NPF Conference on the Poetry of the 1970s. Also group reading by Tina Darragh, Lynne Dreyer, Peter Inman, Doug Lang, John Retallack, Phyllis Rosenzweig, and Diane Ward.

12 June 2008 | Heard Bruce Andrews and Jayne Cortrez give keynote poetry readings at NPF Conference on the Poetry of the 1970s. Also group reading by Steve Benson, Kit Robinson, and Barrett Watten.

11 June 2008 | Heard Fred Wah give keynote poetry reading at NPF Conference on the Poetry of the 1970s. Also group reading by Dodie Bellamy, Kevin Killian, and Eileen Myles.

8 June 2008 | Been busy, of late, organizing this for the NPF.

29 April 2008 | Heard Patricia Sithole and Otrude Moyo read in the UMaine New Writing Series.

10 April 2008 | Heard Julia Elliott read in the UMaine New Writing Series.

3 April 2008 | Heard Rodney Koeneke and Benjamin Friedlander read in the UMaine New Writing Series.

26 March 2008 | Heard Thomas Sayers Ellis read in the UMaine New Writing Series.

20 March 2008 | Heard Eléna Rivera and Jennifer Moxley read in the UMaine New Writing Series.

6 March 2008| Heard Jennifer Moxley read at Pomona College.

5 March 2008| Gave a talk on "Sounding the Seventies: Poetics, the Phonotext, and Period Style" at Pomona College.

28 February 2008 | Heard Stephen Cope and Catherine Taylor read in the UMaine New Writing Series.

14 February 2008 | Heard Mel Nichols and Rod Smith read in the UMaine New Writing Series. Event report here.

12 January 2008 | Lipstick of Noise: Coincidental by Kathleen Fraser.

11 January 2008 | Read the title sequence of In the Pines by Alice Notley. • Lipstick of Noise: The Passenger by Clark Coolidge.

10 January 2008 | Read in Frank O'Hara: Poems from the Tibor de Nagy Editions, 1952-1966. • Lipstick of Noise: Al Green's Broken Heart by Lorenzo Thomas.

9 January 2008 | Lipstick of Noise: 1979 by Bernadette Mayer.

8 January 2008 | Read in A Book of Prophecies by John Wieners. • Lipstick of Noise: L'energie du sommeil by Henri Chopin.

7 January 2008 | Read Conditions de lumière by Emmanuel Hocquard. • Lipstick of Noise: Sometimes I Forget by Stephen Rodefer.

6 January 2008 | Lipstick of Noise: The Lordly and Isolate Satyrs by Charles Olson.

5 January 2008 | Lipstick of Noise: Thoughts of a Young Girl by John Ashbery.

4 January 2008 | Lipstick of Noise: Stripsody, performed by Anne Tardos.

3 January 2008 | Site note: First batch of works received of the new year includes Aufgabe 6 and Factorial 5, The City Visible anthology of Chicago poetry edited by William Allegrezza and Ray Bianchi, new chapbooks by Kevin Killian and Joshua Corey, and the fifth installment of The Grand Piano.

2 January 2008 | Site note: Updated links page, eliminating inactive blogs and adding about a half-dozen new ones.

1 January 2008 | Read Dry Land, a chapbook by William Fuller.

28 December 2007 | Attended the marathon group reading in Chicago that coincided with this year's MLA. Narrative account here, pics here.

2 December 2007 | Read Within Hours, a chapbook by Joseph Massey.

1 December 2007 | Read Tonight's the Night by Catherine Meng. • Site note: Lots of magazines & journals in the most recent batch of works received.

29 November 2007 | Heard the experimental fiction writer Edward Desautels read in the UMaine New Writing Series.

26 November 2007 | Site note: Attention Span 2007 is now online.

15 November 2007 | Heard Michael Davidson read in the UMaine New Writing Series. Announcement here.

8 November 2007 | Heard Sawako Nakayasu and Aaron Kunin read in the UMaine New Writing Series. Event report here.

18 October 2007 | Heard David Matlin read from his poetry and prose in the UMaine New Writing Series. Announcement here.

13 October 2007 | Site note: More than twenty new titles added to the works received.

6 October 2007 | Heard Jennifer Moxley and Maggie O'Sullivan read in the Segue Series at the Bowery Poetry Club.

27 September 2007 | Heard Joanne Kyger read from About Now in the UMaine New Writing Series. Event report here.

12 September 2007 | Heard Ron Padgett read from How to Be Perfect in the UMaine New Writing Series. Event report here.

2 August 2007 | Site note: An overdue update of works received since late June is now up.

9 - 27 July 2007 | Busy with an intensive summer grad seminar on "poetry in the age of the mp3." A fair amount of blogging, but with the WordPress cloaking device switched on.

25 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Nathan Austin on Spicer, Reuven Tsur on enjambment.

24 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Mark McMorris. • Works received: Berkson, Carr, Shklovsky, Modern Review 2.4, Vanitas 2, and others.

23 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Jessica Smith on poetry readings.

22 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Piero Heliczer.

20 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Protosemiosis. Also, a podcast & a comprehensive track listing.

9 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Stein's Patriarchal Poetry interpreted by Elisabeth Shimana and Ludwig Zeininger.

8 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Eileen Myles (detail).

5 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Varieties of Aural Experience.

4 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Eileen Myles, Frank O'Hara.

2 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Peter Gizzi.

1 June 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: talking soundfile poetics & pedagogy with Al Filreis. • Works received: Friedlander, Kyger, Hunt, and others.

31 May 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Leslie Scalapino (yet another detail).

30 May 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Leslie Scalapino (another detail).

27 May 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Leslie Scalapino (detail).

24 May 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Leslie Scalapino.

20 May 2007 | Read Complete Minimal Poems by Aram Saroyan. • Lipstick of Noise: Aram Saroyan.

19 May 2007 | Read Good Apocalypse by Anne Boyer.

15 May 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Joe Ceravolo and To The Sound.

12 May 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Tom Raworth.

3 May 2007 | Added "Words Are What Stick to the Reel" (1988) to the Archive.

2 May 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Michael Gizzi.

26 April 2007 | Heard poets Allison Cobb and Brenda Coultas read in the UMaine New Writing Series (event report here).

24 April 2007 | Reread A Handmade Museum by Brenda Coultas.

23 April 2007 | Attended the end-of-year "Hub Party" at the Kelly Writers House in Philadelphia. The event ended with a rousing version of "I shall be released" by the Writers House Freedom Singers.

20 April 2007 | Passed the time on a long bus trip south in part by listening to "What Is This Crackling of Voices in the Mind" by Susan Howe and a performance of "Words and Music" by Samuel Beckett.

17 April 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Robert Grenier.

16 April 2007 | Heard poet Rosanna Warren read in the UMaine New Writing Series (event report here). • Lipstick of Noise: Bill Berkson.

12 April 2007 | Read "The Work of Voice in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" (or, "The Sound of Pound: A Listener's Guide") by Richard Sieburth. • Lipstick of Noise: John Ashbery.

11 April 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Ezra Pound.

10 April 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos.

09 April 2007 | Read Edge and Fold by Paul Hoover. • Lipstick of Noise: Robert Kelly on Paul Blackburn.

04 April 2007 | Heard Robert Kelly read in the UMaine New Writing Series (event reports here and here).

23 March 2007 | Read the long interview (excerpted here) Simone dos Anjos conducted a year ago with Robert Kelly for the Modern Review.

22 March 2007 | Heard fiction writer Steve Tomasula read in the UMaine New Writing Series (event report here).

21 March 2007 | Reread nothing fictional but the accuracy or arrangement (she by Sawako Nakayasu.

17 March 2007 | Read Teahouse of the Almighty by Patricia Smith.

16 March 2007 | Read, belatedly, Goldbeater's Skin by G. C. Waldrep.

15 March 2007 | Read The Wife of the Left Hand by Nancy Kuhl.

12 March 2007 | Read Secret Histories by Craig Watson.

9 March 2007 | Read Case Sensitive by Kate Greenstreet.

8 March 2007 | Attended the Maine state finals of the Poetry Out Loud recitation competition.

7 March 2007 | Read Caller and Other Pieces by Tom Raworth.

4 March 2007 | Read Academonia by Dodie Bellamy.

1 March 2007 | NB: Screen memories (Oscar run-up edition).

1-8 March 2007 | Read or reread the five books and six chapbooks I own by William Fuller.

28 February 2007 | Archive: Added "The Little Magazine a Hundred Years On: A Reader's Report" (originally published in The Modern Review).

27 February 2007 | NB: Roundup of reactions to New Yorker piece on Poetry Foundation.

26 February 2007 | Read Inspector vs. Evader by Paul Killebrew.

24 February 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Keith Waldrop's translation of Baudelaire's "Danse Macabre."

22 February 2007 | Listened to poetry and fiction by UMaine students in the NWS.

16 February 2007 | Read Terrasse à la Kasbah by Emmanuel Hocquard.

15 February 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Brian Kim Stefans.

13 February 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Tracie Morris.

12 February 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Sueyeun Juliette Lee. • NB: Dana Goodyear's New Yorker article on the Poetry Foundation.

9 February 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Alice Notley.

8 February 2007 | Heard Jonathan Skinner and Annie Finch read in the UMaine New Writing Series. • Lipstick of Noise: Tina Darragh.

7 February 2007 | Lipstick of Noise: Rae Armantrout.

6 February 2007 | Read Political Cactus Poems by Jonathan Skinner. Lipstick of Noise: Robert Duncan.

5 February 2007 | Read Next Life by Rae Armantrout. Began cataloging works received on LibraryThing.

4 February 2007 | Read A Reading 18-20 by Beverly Dahlen.

3 February 2007 | Read SF Spleen by David Hadbawnik and The Flea Market in Kiel by Lewis Warsh.

31 January 2007 | Read The Grand Piano.

30 January 2007 | Read The Filaments by Daniel Bouchard. • NB: recent screen memories.

29 January 2007 | Finished reading City Eclogue by Ed Roberson.

28 January 2007 | Began reading City Eclogue by Ed Roberson.

25 January 2007 | Heard Tina Darragh read in the UMaine New Writing Series. Event report here.

23 January 2007 | Read In Captivity by Camille Guthrie.

22 January 2007 | Read The Red Gaze by Barbara Guest.

19 January 2007 | Read nothing fictional but the accuracy or arrangement (she by Sawako Nakayasu.

18 January 2007 | Finished reading Girly Man by Charles Bernstein.

17 January 2007 | Read My Mestiny by Kevin Killian. Began reading Musee Mechanique by Rodney Koeneke.

16 January 2007 | Began reading Girly Man by Charles Bernstein.

15 January 2007 | Read "Au Hasard Suicide," Fanny Howe's essay on Bresson and Bernanos (nb).

14 January 2007 | Read Likeness by Geoffrey Young and Days Shadows Pass by Paul Vangelisti.

13 January 2007 | Began Jean Daive's book of interviews with Anne-Marie Albiach, L'Exact Réel.

12 January 2007 | Read Poems for the American Revolution by Ryan Murphy.

11 January 2007 | Read The Hotel Wentley Poems by John Wieners, in a stealth reprint from Joy Street Press.

10 January 2007 | Read Figured Image by Anne-Maria Albiach (in Keith Waldrop's translation).

9 January 2007 | Read Necessary Stranger by Graham Foust.



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The title for this web version of the Notes to Poetry is borrowed from Viktor Shklovsky, who divided his existence into three factories: "The first factory was my family and school. The second was Opoyaz. And the third—is processing me at this very moment" (trans. Richard Sheldon, Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1977; rpt. Dalkey Archive, 2002). My own first two factories were located in San Diego and Providence; after some time out on strike, I am now occupied at a third, located in Orono, Maine.

Books, mix tapes, and cd comps always welcome: you can get the mailing address by writing to steve [dot] evans [at] thirdfactory [dot] net .

Table talk in Orono these days goes exactly as Tom Raworth here records.

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attention span 2010

Fifty-five contributors, 600-plus mentions in all, 78 titles mentioned more than once. Here.

attention span 2009

Sixty contributors, 663 mentions in all, 78 titles mentioned more than once. Here.

attention span 2008

Fifty contributors, 519 mentions in all, 151 titles mentioned more than once. Here.

attention span 2008

The forty-nine contributors to this year's installment of Attention Span, which I'm in the process of compiling, are (in order received): Rae Armantrout, Jillian Weise, John Wilkinson, G.C. Waldrep, Patrick Pritchett, Meredith Quartermain, Stan Apps, Chris Stroffolino, Peter Quartermain, Rodney Koeneke, Pam Brown, Erik Sapin, James Wagner, Keith Tuma, Erin Moure, David Dowker, Richard Deming, Philip Metres, Joel Bettridge, Sawako Nakayasu, Allyssa Wolf, Joshua Clover, Kit Robinson, John Palattella, Jed Rasula, K. Silem Mohammad, Gina Myers, Steven Zultanski, C. E. Putnam, Megan London, Andrew Rippeon, Leonard Schwartz, Tom Orange, Dana Ward, Rick Snyder, Jennifer Scappettone, John Latta, Tim Conley, Michael Scharf, Michael Kelleher, Brad Flis, Marcella Durand, Benjamin Friedlander, Rod Smith, Dawn Baude, Marie Buck, Kristin Prevallet, Elizabeth Treadwell, and Thomas Devaney.

attention span 2007

This year's installment of Attention Span is now online here. Just under fifty contributors, and just under five hundred titles in all. Do check it out—and if you'd like to contribute to next year's installment, drop me a line.

attention span 2006

I received forty-four contributions for this year's installment of Attention Span. Many thanks to (in order received): Meredith Quartermain, Jed Rasula, John Hyland, John Tranter, Brian Lucas, Steve Benson, Annie Finch, Stephen Cope, Leonard Schwartz, James Wagner, Bill Berkson, Catherine Taylor, Marjorie Perloff, Michael Scharf, Anne Boyer, Laura Carter, Pam Brown, Nancy Kuhl, Benjamin Friedlander, Rodney Koeneke, Graham Foust, John Palattella, Joanna Fuhrman, David Dowker, Peter Quartermain, Jeff Hamilton, Mark Scroggins, John Latta, Marcella Durand, Noah Eli Gordon, Fred Wah, G.C. Waldrep, Tony Tost, Michael Nicoloff, Dana Ward, Peter Gizzi, Kevin Killian, Joseph Mosconi, Jennifer Scappettone, Franklin Bruno, John Sakkis, Gary Sullivan, Rod Smith, and Tom Orange.

attention span 2005

The aggregate results of Attention Span 2005 can now be consulted here. Individual lists, many with commentary, are online here.

lipstick of noise

As a way of better acquainting myself with the wonderful resource that is PENNSound, I'll be posting listening notes to poetry soundfiles throughout August here. Considered so far: Erica Hunt's "Ecstasy," Linh Dinh's "Acoustics," John Wieners's "The Garbos and Dietrichs," Jaap Blonk's "Flux-de-bouche" as remarked upon by Samuel Beckett, and Ange Mlinko's "Poem Bejeweled with Proper Nouns."

attention span 2005

Forty-six writers and critics have contributed to Attention Span 2005. They are (in order received): Michael Davidson, James Wagner, Daniel Bouchard, Jerrold Shiroma, Rosmarie Waldrop, Pam Brown, Michael Kelleher, Graham Foust, Ammiel Alcalay, Brenda Iijima, Kevin Killian, John Palattella, Marcella Durand, Crag Hill, Gary Sullivan, Michael Scharf, John Sakkis, Noah Eli Gordon, Benjamin Friedlander, David Dowker, Jeff Hamilton, K. Silem Mohammad, Franklin Bruno, Joseph Mosconi, David Hess, Janet Holmes, Robin Brox, Dana Ward, Tony Tost, Laura Carter, Joanna Fuhrman, Heather Jovanelli, Meredith Quartermain, John Latta, Christopher Nealon, Jennifer Scappettone, Joshua Clover, Juliana Spahr, Nada Gordon, Jonahan Skinner, Shanna Compton, Patrick Durgin, Cole Swensen, Stephanie Young, Nick Piombino, and Lee Ann Brown.

The deadline for participation has now passed.

attention span • 2004

The results of Attention Span 2004 are now online. You can view a complete list ordered by frequency of mention and title here; individually-signed lists, many of them with commentary, are here. Thanks to all who made time to participate!

Participants this year include Ammiel Alcalay, Rae Armantrout, Bill Berkson, Anselm Berrigan, Jules Boykoff, Pam Brown, Franklin Bruno, Joshua Clover, Chris Daniels, Jordan Davis, Marcella Durand, kari edwards, Larry Fagin, Steve Farmer, Graham W. Foust, Benjamin Friedlander, Heather Fuller, Alan Gilbert, Noah Eli Gordon, Kevin Killian, Aaron Kunin, John Latta, Peter Middleton, Chris Murray, John Palattella, Marjorie Perloff, David Perry, Meredith Quartermain, Lisa Robertson, Kaia Sand, Jennifer Scappettone, Michael Scharf, Jerrold Shiroma, Rick Snyder, Eileen Tabios, Tony Tost, Karen Volkman, James Wagner, G.C. Waldrep, Dana Ward, John Wilkinson, Stephanie Young.

site notes • spring 2004

Starting with the week of May 13-19, 2004, daybook entries (to left & here) will include links to publication information for each title mentioned. Links to passages culled from the readings will also be found in most entries. These excerpts are meant to function rather as a film still does relative to the film itself: a fragment, patently inadequate to the experience of the whole, but capturing something of its look and feel nevertheless. With luck, some new notes to the poetry may even appear. The works received page now includes, whenever possible, links to publishers. A clickable following the bibliographical information leads to a daybook entry for the work mentioned. Links to on-line reviews are provided as I come across them. The nb (notebook, not blog, nota bene) feature, which was added last summer, will continue to chronicle, however fitfully & idiosyncratically, the cultural and political context framing the reception—by at least one reader—of contemporary poetry.

attention span • 2003

In July of 2003, twenty-nine poets, writers, and critics answered an invitation to submit their own constellations of present interests. Click here for the collected results. Individually-signed lists, many of them with commentary, are available here. For a look at what readers came up with in 1998, visit the Arras Notes to Poetry archive (the collectively authored mid-year review begins on page 62 of the pdf document).

Participants: Brian Kim StefansBill BerksonStephanie YoungJordan DavisKasey Silem MohammadKit RobinsonRobert FittermanGary SullivanJohn LattaJennifer MoxleyLisa RobertsonAndrew JoronJerrold ShiromaAaron KuninJennifer ScappettoneKevin KillianCraig Watson Peter GizziBenjamin FriedlanderEileen TabiosAlan GilbertNoah Eli GordonJuliana SpahrMichael ScharfRae ArmantroutJoshua CloverPam Brown kari edwardsRobert Creeley

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Solitary and Free: Rev. of Rousseau's Boat by Lisa Robertson | April 2005 | link to Jacket 27

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notes to poetry

Pascalle Monnier's Bayart, trans. Cole Swensen (New York: Black Square, 2002). A meditation in four seasons on the life/myth of the 16th-century French knight named in the title, Monnier's sifting of archival traces calls to mind a quieted-down Cantos, one from which the bombast and nostalgia have been subtracted, but also some of the verve. Swensen's able translation delivers intact the rhythmically overlapping syntagms of Monnier's subtle phrasal poetics. [2002-24]

George Elliott Clarke's Blue (Vancouver: Polestar, 2002). These poems aim to be "incendiary," but such heat as they give off seems curiously second-hand as invectives "in the manner of" writers like Baraka and Pound come off as, well, mannered. Many of the poems in this overlong collection allude to alchohol, slide at least once into Quebecois French, exhibit some color symbolism—often with racial overtones—and draw on a semantic register that favors the profane, the taboo, and the excremental. Clarke's prosody is loosely Ginsbergian, though strings of compound adjectives here and there build to a logic-defying momentum worthy of Césaire. The whole project has the air of something that could or should work better than it does, but at the risk of confirming the scholar-poet Clarke's distrust of critics (see "Blue Elegies" iii.i-iv), I'd have to say that the misfires outnumber the hits in this collection. [2002-23]

Beth Anderson's Hazard (Los Angeles: Poetic Research Bureau, 2002). The twenty poems (four sequences of five each) in this handsomely-designed chapbook follow an identical stanzaic pattern, one ample and intricate enough to admit of significant variations while also permitting the reader to experience a kind of peripheral or intermittent consciousness of structure (that pattern, counted out in lines-per-stanza, is: 1-3-2-3-2-3-2-3-1). Anderson is a master of the syntactic measure, blending novelistic and essayistic tones with first-person statements that retain a cool observational air without ever feeling aloof. There is an evenness to the distribution of "event" in these texts that defies thematization, but word-by-word the construction is so sharply focused that it comes as a surprise when one finally has to admit at poem's end that what has happened remains a mystery. "To confirm that this, as every universe, // moves according to an intrinsic unplanned order / has taken hours." [2002-23]

Philip Jenks's On the Cave You Live In (Chicago: Flood, 2002). Jenks reads like a transitional figure between the now defunct apex of the m and the current (if furtive) Faucheuse. His first book tucks thoughts of God and memories of the South into the apprehensive intervals between epileptic seizures. The loose interconnectedness of the poems recalls Fauchuese editor Jeff Clark's The Little Door Slides Back (which itself reads a little like a condensed gothic novel) and the care for sonic patterning—rich assonance and consonance in short lines that often omit all function words—recalls fellow Flood author Pam Rehm's recent Gone to Earth. The mood in this slim but substantial debut is dark, the speaker damaged, the exits from the cave anything but clearly marked. "Plumes of garbage / mixed w/dead body photos / she got darkroom, carnival. / I made me get naked for it / show my ink // seen, not shown" ("Angela"). [2002-23]

Harryette Mullen's Sleeping with the Dictionary (Berkeley: U of California P, 2002). There are fifty-seven poems in this OuLiPo-inspired collection by the author of Trimmings and S*PeRM**K*T, and some of them—"Denigration," "Junk Mail," "She Swam on from Sea to Shine," "Swift Tommy," "We are not Responsible," and the title poem—shake something fascinating out of their procedures. Almost all the others shimmer for at least a moment, but as happens so often in the "literature of constraint" there are stretches where the riffs feel rote and a reader feels awkwardly beside the text's point. [2002-23]

Kim Rosenfield's Rare Earth: A Play in Some Acts (Primary Writing 27: April 2002). Cosmetics ad-copy comes to life in this quick and mildly funny micro-play first performed in 1995 at St. Mark's Church. "Sexy sexism. / Good bye lizard lips! / The drought is over / Your lips stay looking rich. And moist. / And very very human." Makes an interesting companion piece to the second section of Bruce Andrews's Lip Service, which draws heavily on the lore/lure of femininity as a figment of patriarchal capitalism. [2002-23]

Karen Weiser's Eight Positive Trees (Boston: Pressed Wafer, 2002). A chapbook comprising two poems, the strangely syntaxed "Out the Body There Are Planned Things" (dedicated to Fanny Howe) and the multi-part elegy "Eight Positive Trees." There is an unfocused, if not evasive, feel to the opening poem that the second poem fixes—less in the sense of correcting than of repairing—when the speaker situates herself as one of four sisters who have lost both of their parents to a sudden accident. Finding an objective correlative for the complex emotional state in which she's been stranded becomes an act equally of artistic construction and psychological reconstruction. [2002-23]