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13 December 2006 | Listened to Robin Blaser's reading at UBC in 1995, Alice Notley's reading at Kelly Writers House in November of this year, and Kenneth Goldsmith's November 2004 disquisition on "being boring."

12 December 2006 | NB: Waldrop effects.

11 December 2006 | Lipstick of Noise: "Carrion" by Charles Baudelaire, read by translator Keith Waldrop. • NB: Congratulations to John Palattella, new poetry editor for the Nation.

9 December 2006 | Lipstick of Noise: "Fear of the Future" by Kimberly Lyons. • NB: Malcolm Bowie on lieder.

7 December 2006 | Heard novelist Brian Evenson read from Altmann's Tongue, The Wavering Knife, and The Open Curtain in the final event of the fall 2006 New Writing Series at UMaine.

6 December 2006 | Lipstick of Noise: "Moist Feelings" by Rod Smith.

5 December 2006 | Lipstick of Noise: Henri Chopin, Tomokawa Kazuki.

4 December 2006 | Lipstick of Noise: Joan La Barbara, Björk, Streisand. • Listened again to "Empire," by Robert Ashley, which ships with the new issue of No.

2 December 2006 | Finished up with a little piece on little magazines for the Modern Review.

30 November 2006 | Heard Sylvester Pollet, Tony Brinkley, Kathleen Ellis, Benjamin Friedlander, Jennifer Moxley, and Theodore Enslin read in a New Writing Series celebration of Pollet's Backwoods Broadsides.

29 November 2006 | Read Guests of Space by Anselm Hollo. • Updated nb.

28 November 2006 | Read Secret Architecture by Aaron Kunin.

23 November 2006 | Recorded Keith Waldrop reading eleven of his Baudelaire translations.

21 November 2006 | Recorded Jennifer Moxley reading Wordworth's Intimations Ode for eventual inclusion on the Poets on Poets website.

Summer - Early Fall 2006 | A lapse in the record.

daybook — week 22 of 2006

3 June 2006 | Read The The Totality for Kids by Joshua Clover.

2 June 2006 | Read the Nomados chapbook Seniors by George Stanley.

daybook — late spring 2006

April - May 2006 | Read Splitting Image by Rosmarie Waldrop, On Earth by Robert Creeley, Small Works by Pam Rehm.

site note

1 May 2006 | This page will likely remain dormant through early summer. In the meantime, you can check out nb, Lipstick of Noise, or Attention Span for fresher content.

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